Chiropractic Testimonials

"We started treatment while I was approx. 33 weeks pregnant. During pregnancy, his care through chiropractic visits was a great aid to me. Both during pregnancy and after birth!"

- Erin S.

"My son, Alex, was having trouble paying attention at school second-semester last year. Having worked with children with ADHD and autism, I wanted to rule out or help any of those issues before they got too far. We came to Dr. Jason for a different approach to medicines that may have been traditionally prescribed. There was a very positive correlation between improvement in his attention and focus at school and his chiropractic care!"

- Stacy I.

"Since going to see Dr. Jason I have more energy, better flexibility. Everybody in my martial arts class noticed the improvement and asked what I was doing!"

- Stephanie M.

"I noticed I am more focused at school and more aware of my surroundings."

- Juan G.

"I was amazed to understand how the spine affects so many conditions you’d never expect. Now I don’t have heartburn and I sleep like a rock!"

- Sue G.

"Thank you, Dr. Jason! I have my life back!"

- Deb J.

"My back was hurting and my neck was hurting from gymnastics. I told my mom and she started taking me to the chiropractor. Seeing the chiropractor surprised me because it made my back and neck feel better."

- Natalie L.

"Dr. Jason has worked on my daughter, Aliyah, and always does amazing work. Dr. Jason knows exactly what he is doing and will devote himself to helping you with the issues you have."

- Amy

"Dr. Jason is great - professional and skilled. In just a few months I have experienced relief from pain that has bothered me for decades!"

- Wendy H.

"I've been to many chiropractors. Dr. Jason is the best. He is very professional and really cares about your well-being."

- Greg G.


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