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When looking for a chiropractor in New Berlin, you want an experienced chiropractor who has provided effective results. Our careful techniques at Health by Hands Chiropractic in New Berlin, WI will give you the best chance at improving your condition and health.

In New Berlin, many people think chiropractic care is only for adults with back pain and neck pain. Actually, the very first chiropractic adjustment by D.D. Palmer helped restore a man's hearing! Our practice is dedicated to maximizing all aspects of your health. We focus on pediatric, pregnancy and family wellness with an emphasis on ADHD, sensory processing disorder and other neurodevelopmental disorders so we can help your family get well and stay well!

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No child or adult deserves to struggle in life. Fortunately, chiropractic care deals with a large variety of health issues and provides excellent results. The fact that chiropractic care is known to better off your quality of life, immune system and digestive system comes as a surprise to most people. Everyday tasks are physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting, and every day your body is working hard to adapt and overcome sickness. Our practice can help you by performing spinal adjustments that act as a tune-up for your body to run efficiently and healthy every day.

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You don't have to live in pain. We are here to help you get your life back.

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Chiropractic care for Wellness


Gentle and precise adjustments are the main works of a chiropractor. These adjustments should realign the spine, resulting in fully functioning muscle tissue and neurological pathways. A correctly aligned spine is the start of a restoration of health and pain relief because there is no blockage in the communication of nerves throughout the body.

Many of our pediatric and adult patients explain a feeling of release following an adjustment. It is also common for our patients to report significant improvements in energy levels, digestive function and quality of sleep during their care.

Elderly, teenagers, newborns, pregnant women, and even people that have had back, neck or hip surgery are safe to adjust. We evaluate every individual and treat every individual with the care that is specific to them. You are more than just a number on a chart at Health by Hands Chiropractic in New Berlin. Call us today and start your path to a healthier you!


Most people do not realize the lengths chiropractors had to go through to succeed in their profession. Hours and hours of constant training and education, which translate to those of a physician, are required to even graduate school. After 4 years of undergraduate medical education, chiropractors must continue on with another 4 years in a chiropractic college.

Building and testing their knowledge rigorously, chiropractic school is no joke. Students in Chiropractic College have four to five years of a rigorous program, which includes classes that continue to follow a similar path to those of a medical student.

It goes without saying that today’s chiropractors are more than just people that adjust.  Your doctor of chiropractic is here to help you with more conditions than you realize. If you want a chiropractic team you can trust 100 percent, then look to us at Health by Hands Chiropractic. Don’t hesitate to contact our team in New Berlin for any questions you may have. Your health is our main objective.

Chiropractic care for Wellness
Chiropractic care for Wellness